Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Shooting Schedule

Me and my partner aim to film our opening scene within 3 days with  the third day as back up day set aside just in case we need an extra day to re-film or film anything we have missed.

Day 1:
- We are going to film at Chris's house for the first bit, as we have gotten the use of his step-dads white van which is to be the Villains main base of operations. And we will film Chris playing the bad guy sitting down with his computer and print out plans in-front of him. Filming length for this part will be about 20-30 seconds
- Along with that Chris's house is to be the main characters house and where a number of things will happen to like:
  • The bike will be taken apart straight after the main character leaves it alone, this will take between 20-30 seconds 
  • The villain shreds some paper which will have some importance later in the film but the audience won't realize that till later in the film, Shredding the paper will take no longer then 10 seconds, then when the main character finds it on his door step it will be about 20-25 seconds.
Day 2:
- Will be filmed in Pettswood as we the use of a specific railway bridge, which leads to a woods where the main part of film would take place. what we need to film there:
  • we need to film me walking to the tunnel and me walking through the tunnel, with shots from both ends seeing me go in and out of the tunnel this at most will take 30-35 seconds
  • we also need see me opening a letter which is waiting for me, as the villain knew I would be there, 15-20 seconds 
And then Day 3 of shooting if we need it to shoot something new or something we forgot or even a re-shoot of a scene we already have done.

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