Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Cabin In The Woods

Was the first of many films I will be watching to give me ideas and inspirations for my own opening sequence project. Since I'm doing a Psychological thriller, I've come up with a short list of films to watch and they all fit in within the psychological thriller genre.

"The cabin in the woods" is all about a group of young adults who go to one of their cousins cabin up in the mountains. While there they are manipulated by an organization, that the viewer  know much about.

But as the film evolves you learn that the people are put through trails and tests and sacrificed for a reason that you do not find out until the end of the film.

We will also be watching:
- The Exorcist
- Se7en
- Red Lights    

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Podcast results

This is first of many podcasts me and Chris will present. This podcast shows our results form the first survey "Genre Catergory Information" as this is the best way to get the results across to the people watching.
It is also the first time we've used the green screen as a background for the pod cast and as we put more up, the backgound will change from famous skylines each time.


HAMMER was hugely successful gothic monster movies cemented the companies reputation, from the 1930's onwards. HAMMER was famous for its movies like, Dracula, the wolfman, Frankenstein and the Mummy.
But made a major return in the 2000's with "women in black" which was a huge success and has brought the company back into the limelight. 
As you you can see in the style of there older logo it uses a rather gothic font in blood and the new logo is is rather plain, but the red repersents the colour of blood and the horror factor HAMMER prsents.