Thursday, 24 October 2013

Spider-Man 2 

It starts of with Columbia studios to show you straight off who has made this film. It is then followed by Marvels appearance as Spider-Man is a marvel creation and this film is a joint embargo by both companies. Then Columbia presents the film and this is followed by who's production this is, all the while in the background are spiders webs on a background of red. 
It then zooms past a few of these webs then the camera rotates and shows the title of the film "Spider-Man 2" it starts to increase in light intensity and then flashes forward towards the screen.  Then all the leading actors names come up one by one in a cartoon stripe form of the person themselves. It then does it for past clips from the first film while still showing actors names. 
It's not till just over half way does the names of the people leading the main departments like; casting, music and costume design and many more.
The background is always in the colour of Spider-Man's suit: red, blue an doge black lines. Each part of this opening has a picture present, but the last picture is of Spider-Man himself to reaffirm this film.

The Road

The opening scene of this film is that of the companies who have made this film, Dimension films, but the other companies name I can't see due to the poor choice in background colour which makes it really hard to read.
Then it goes to Dimension presenting the film and instead of the title, it comes come with who produced the film, who the film is by and then the main actor of the film Viggo Mortensen. It then cuts to a plain black screen with the title of the film "The Road" as it continues it is all in computer graphics, of a deserted road somewhere in the world, we can its a deserted road by the state of care it is in.
It comes up with rest of the supporting actors and other main parts of the film crew involved with its production.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


The opening of this film begins with showing Universal which made the film but instead of its normal format, it has a golden hint to it which continues through the opening scene. Universal then fades out to blank dark screen, then what looks like a flaming torch starts to illuminate the screen once more, this effect sets the film apart as you start to feel that the film is set a long time ago by the effects already used.

The golden text works well on the black background, even with the effect of the flaming torch. The two main companies involved with this film comes up and they are about to show the film's title "GLADIATOR" comes up but for this part the entire screen is illuminated by the Flaming torch effect and the writing is in a black font.

Then a small prologue comes up to set the story of the film up.