Thursday, 10 April 2014

To Do List



Your blog is looking fairly good so far. You have posted some research and planning and there is some nice detail, design and content included.

Make sure you upload you evaluation questions to your blog as the last posts.Not all of them seem to be present and one or two are incomplete. Q1 is blurry, rotate it the right way round too please, don't give the examiner an excuse to mark you down. Q5 is basic and perfunctory. Q2 doesn't provide enough depth or detail. The whole evaluation feels more than a little rushed.

Your editing commentary is a little brief, it would be nice if you provided some screenshots as evidence of the problems you faced.

Make sure all of the images you have embedded to your blog are rotated the right way round!

Explain specifically why you had to reshoot, I gave you very specific feedback. Don't just say you redid it because I told you so, explain what the problem was with each shot.

Your blog MUST include a pitch & storyboard and should include location and casting decisions. Details are on the AS media blog. You won't get a level 1 (E-D grade if these vital elements are clearly apparent!) Make these quick changes and your blog will improve from an E to a B.

Enjoy the rest of your break,

Mr S