Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Narrative Theory

Propp’s narrative theory was based on folk tales and legends that he studied from different countries, he found that they were all quite similar and that they seemed to be about the same basic problems and the same types of character kept cropping up. He focused on the way there seemed to be different ‘types’ of characters rather than individuals. He recognised 8 character types. Propp’s 8 character types:

  • Hero who is on the quest. To restore the state of equilibrium to the narrative of the story.
  • Villain who opposes the hero, usually creates the narrative disruption. 
  • Donor helps the hero by giving him a tool. It may be object, information or advice. 
  • Dispatcher who sends the hero on his way, aids the hero in his quest.
  • False hero tries to tempt the hero away from his quest. 
  • Helper who helps the hero
  • Princess who is the reward for the hero. (the victim) is usually the character most threatened by the villain and has to be saved.
  • Father who rewards the hero for his efforts 

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